August Mornings – shortlisted in Ad Hoc Fiction 2016

Shortlisted in Ad Hoc Fiction

It’s a bit tricky in the big holidays cos boom the curtains go shiny all around the outside but guess what it’s not really getting up time it’s Too Goddamed Early. That means Stay In Your Room.

No problemo.

If you do come to my room, and you can if you want, you might think What A Mess. But everything is just right. It took me ages to work it all out. That is called an experiment so it’s science really.

If things go wrong and just as you are doing your mega jump off the pillow end of the bed you fall in the crusty bit of carpet with the black iron shape don’t worry. You can twizz round onto the pants pile then climb up onto the box with the broken tv so you are safe.  But don’t stomp or rattle or you are a Bloody Idiot.